Please Amend Alabama's Current Human Trafficking Law

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I am proposing a Bill to expand the current Alabama Human Trafficking Law to be more thorough. 

The beginning process that a trafficker uses also known as "grooming," I  would call this a form of brainwashing. 

I am proposing to have a "Coercion" section in the law that at least covers "using or threatening to use physical force against any person."

I am proposing to include an overall definition of Human Trafficking into the law such as this can happen to children, women, men.  Suggestions to include:  recruiting, grooming, enticing, soliciting, transporting, providing, harboring, maintaining, or obtaining another person for the purpose of exploitation of that person. 

There is a "Coercion" section under the  2016 Code, Title 13A, Chapter 6, Article 8 but is this still current I ask?  There have been multiple changes in the Alabama Human Trafficking Law; even some as recent as 5/31/18, but I spent a lot of time researching the Alabama law.  I could not find one location with the Human Trafficking Law all together with the Codes, etc.  This should be accessible somewhere and kept updated! 

If Alabama has had multiple changes in their Law; this means an increase in cases, correct?  I suggest for lawmakers to work with victims and advocates and strengthen this law!