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Please reconsider lock out laws for Sydney nightlife

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This petition is in regards to the new laws that were proposed by Barry O'Farrell & The Liberal Government on Tuesday 21st January 2014. We the people and concerned citizens of the city of Sydney are urging our leaders to act responsibily in response to the unfortunate deaths of 2 young men as a result of violent anti social behaviour.

-The new laws are based on little evidence that they will result in a decrease in alcohol fuelled violence
-Two other Australian states (QLD & VIC) have attempted this and failed
-There are a number of negatives that will result, such as expenditure, high impact on the hospitality industry and illegal parties

This is a band-aid solution from the government for a deeper issue, punishing the whole of society & nightlife working industry for the miss-actions of a few. Before we begin lets take a step back and closer look at the actions that have lead to your decisions. 

The "king hit" that started all of these new laws and restrictions in the Cross and CBD happened between 9pm-10pm and the offender who did it had been drinking at his home in the suburbs all day, and was refused entry from any venues. The incident had nothing to do with pubs or nightclubs. Limiting peoples freedom to consume alcohol in a licensed venue you are only increasing the risk for more drug use, and more unlicensed drinking.

This is no time for naivety. Possible consequences of shutting down Kings Cross: Illegal parties will start happening by the handful. Underage kids will attend these parties because there won’t be anyone there to stop them. These parties won’t have RSA Marshalls and bar staff who’ll be able to cut off their alcohol supply once they become intoxicated. Drugs will be more readily available because at present, people are less likely to risk dealing in Kings Cross due to the police presence and drug dogs that they often bring with them. There will be no police or security guards to stop the fights that will inevitably break out at these illegal raves and warehouse parties.

“Alcohol-fueled violence” will increase, underage kids will get hurt and police will have much more work on their hands. The only difference will be that the trouble won’t be contained to a specific area where it would be easier to manage. Does the government plan to shut down the next area that becomes popular?

By removing patrons from venues who are under the protected laws of RSA Officers and security guards you are creating a even bigger problem by pushing these patrons out onto the streets, increasing the demand for police presence. The time it occurs will not make a difference. All you are doing is limiting the amount of income for security gaurds, event organisers, restaurants, licensed venues and bar staff. You could also be at risk of damaging tourism.

if every venue closes at 3am, does that mean you are going to put pressure on the the transport minister to get trains up and running from 3am instead of 5/6am? Have you ever tried to catch a taxi between 1am-5am?

How can you impose these laws on all venues for the reasons of violence/drug use but not apply the same laws to the casino? Do these problems not exist in casinos?

Are you prepared to pay for the losses of income of those who will now probably turn to financial support and aid from centrelink, due to loss of trading hours?

How about looking at some more simple solutions first like 0.00 driving limit for everyone, raise legal age to 21, more alcohol free zones. Scanners should be introduced to identify a person that walks into a licensed venue. This should at least curb the behaviour and keep trouble makers from re-entering a venue or district. Im sure venue owners and businesses affected by your decsion would appreciate the right to assist with a solution, rather than making such a knee-jerk reaction.

It has already been proven that this will not be a positive change in Melbourne so why would it be any different for Sydney?

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