Mihoyo let us change: main character gender on genshin impact

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We would like that MiHoYo allowed players to change their main character gender at least once, returning to the screen where we chose between Aether and Lumine. The reason behind the petition is the fact that the game does not allow the player to test each character before making a fateful choice, leading in many cases to unsatisfaction. Considering that there is no other way to return to this decision afterward the first choice, that the main character gender does not affect the storytelling, and also considering that both female and male main characters have the same skills and gameplay, we make this plea. Please MiHoYo, allow us to change the character gender, making it possible for us to finally play without regrets and sparing us from start the game all over again because of a bad choice made at the very beginning, like other gacha games already do, such as Mahoutsukai no Yakusoku, Ragnarok Mobile: Eternal Love, and Fate Grand Order.