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Age of Empires Definitive Edition on Steam at release

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We all love Age of Empires 1. On E3 2017 Microsoft surprisingly announced Age of Empires Definitive Edition which made tons of people excited! Many would buy it, but the big bumper is that it's planned to be available on Windows Store only. With AoE2 HD and AoE3 available on Steam, Microsoft reached a very high number of players on that platform, easily accessable for everyone playing on PC (Who doesn't have Steam installed on PC?). Plenty of users also do not have Win10 and are not willing to upgrade just for that, which is completely understandable. Microsoft would miss a huge player base and face a poorly used multiplayer.

If AoE Definite Edition will be available on Steam, Microsoft reaches more people, willing to buy the Game on Steam and earn more money for it. From reviews and commentaries I see a lot of people rather renounce to buy the game, than open up a Windows Store account or/and install yet another games distribution platform.

So for the sake of your work, your wallet, the fans and most important this wonderful piece of art, Microsoft Studios, make the game available on Steam, to make it easily accessable for everyone to enjoy.

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