Bring back the Windows Classic Theme for Windows 10!

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Even though the newer Windows versions, starting with Windows XP, had an unique, own design, Microsoft gave the users the chance to change the design back to the old, familiar Windows Classic Theme, that was first introduced in Windows 95. But with the release of Windows 8, this theme wasn't officially usable anymore. The users had to use the new Metro design or install third-party programs to install other themes. In Windows 10, the situation is the same and a problem for many users, because the Metro design is not very popular and the customizability got even worse as it already was in Windows 8 and 8.1.

The classic theme is an economic, familiar and well working theme that has been reliable for over 17 years until the release of Windows 8. It has no disadvantages and doesn't harm anyone. It would make it easier for users who have to switch from Windows 7 or older versions to Windows 10. It would also be an alternative to the unpopular Metro design.

Microsoft, please bring back the Windows Classic Theme for Windows 10. Maybe in with anniversary package for the 35th birthday of Windows this year. However you want to implement it, please do it. Make Windows a familiar place again!