Make it easier for illegal immigrants to become citizens

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We are a group of student of different age groups currently attending Central Michigan Univeristy. We are currently enrolled in a Political Science class, in said class, we were asked to divulge in the policies surrounding immigration reform. When realizing the unfair, and very unAmerican policies we decided to make a change. We believe that America, commonly referred to as the melting pot, is a country that’s history is known to allow immigrants a second chance at life. Currently the attitude and immigration policies in America criminalize and profile indivuals looking for a second chance.  Many of which have jobs, families, or attend Universiites in the United States and our contributing to our economy. We do not give them fair chances to prove their value within our society. In this petition we ask that you sign your name so that immigrants can be given temporary social security cards. This way their contribution to society can be tracked and they can be given an equal chance to prove their worth. This would give them the opportunity to prove that they are not criminals, show their contribution to society, and give them a shot at a new life.