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Save Little Amy and Her Mother From the Injustice!

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Little Amy was sexually abused before her 3rd birthday by Patrick Joseph Galvin – her biological father…  

link para essa peticao em portuguese: http://www.change.org/pt-BR/peti%C3%A7%C3%B5es/mrs-michelle-obama-mrs-michelle-obama-salva-pequena-amy-e-a-sua-mae-da-injuctica

Amy’s mother Karla, a legal U.S. immigrant from Brazil, is seeking justice for her daughter in Florida. Karla discovered that Patrick Joseph Galvin, Amy’s father and native Floridian, had been sexually abusing their daughter beginning sometime in 2010. Amy had not even turned three when this all began. Patrick is known to have abused his other female children, one being a stepdaughter from a previous marriage. Patrick’s older biological daughter, now an adult, also filed a police report claiming sexual abuse but later rescinded the accusation. It’s strongly believed that Patrick coerced the young woman to drop the charges.

At the time of the relationship, Karla did not know of Patrick’s criminal history. After learning that he is a registered sex offender and of the abuse against Amy, their marriage was dissolved in 2010. Since this time, Karla has been collecting   evidence to put Patrick away. This evidence was presented to the Stuart Police Department, a small town in Florida. An investigation into the charges was begun but mysteriously halted and later archived by the Stuart Police Department. To protect little Amy from her pedophile father, Karla ran away to Texas where they found help from kind people and support organizations.

Amy started school in Brownsville, TX. On January 16, 2014, Texan police arrested Karla while dropping Amy off at school. Now, Karla is facing criminal and civil charges for defying the terms of Amy’s custody agreement in which Patrick continued to have visitation.  Amy was taken into Texan child protective services and remains there. Meanwhile, the judge from Stuart Florida, Shields McManus, gave full custody of little Amy to her abuser. 2 of April 2014 Amy is transferred from Texas to Florida and given to the hands of a pedophile.

"Dear Mrs. Michelle Obama, My name is Amy. I am six years old. I was born in Miami. The other day, in this Place, I saw you   and your daughters on TV going to school together.  I started school last year. My mom used to take me to school. This Place I am at now is not bad. I know I am not supposed to cry, but when I think about my mommy, my eyes well up with tears.  We lived in a house. I liked to be in my mom's arms. Sometimes I saw her happy, sometimes sad. I had a father too, but we lived with him only when I was a little baby. It was around my   3rd   birthday when my father called me over to “play a game.” I was so scared and it hurt a lot. I did not know why he would do that to me, and I still do not know...

The same day, I told my teacher about it and she told my mom. My mom was crying, calling my aunt on the phone, and whispering something. Then, we were going to different places and people; some I think were police and doctors. They were asking questions, examining me, and I saw my mom turning away so I wouldn’t see her cry. I felt very sad too. My mom was getting more and more worried everyday. She looked very serious, always talking on the phone, looking up something on the computer. When she would notice me watching her, she would sit me on her lap and kiss my head. Then, she would hum my favorite song, rocking me tenderly in her arms.

One night she was reading something on her phone, looking desperate. Then we started running, sometimes stopping and meeting new people and then again running. And once, we stopped and had a new home, different from before. I liked this one much better. We had new friends and people who cared about us.  I started school! I did not like that I had to be away from my mom for a long time, but she was so proud of me studying.

One day when my mom was dropping me off at school, the police came and took both of us away. They did not let us stay together. I was crying. When I was smaller, I used to bug my mom with questions about the police. She would explain that police officers were supposed to arrest bad guys and to protect good ones. But I know we are not bad guys! We just did not want my father to keep hurting us. I think it has been so long since they took my mom away from me.  People have been explaining   why I am here and where my mom is now. I am not sure I can understand.

What I think I should be doing is waiting for my mom to come back for me. Maybe she will come tonight before they put us to bed or maybe tomorrow right after breakfast or at playtime. I already know how it will be: I will turn around and see her standing there and smiling. Then, I will run to give her a big-big hug that I was saving just for her. I just wanted to ask if you know my mom is ok, Mrs. Obama?"  


I do not know if this is how little Amy would write her letter - Amy's family still cannot contact her. I saw the story about Amy and her mom on the news, followed on social networks, and later met Amy's grandmother and aunts personally. Being a mother of a 4-year-old girl myself and someone who believes we can make a difference with our actions, I wrote this imaginary letter from Amy to Mrs. Michelle Obama. I hope this amazing mother and role model, who has a strong voice in the United States, can raise awareness to the appropriate authorities and help bring justice to little Amy’s case.     

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