Petitioning First Lady of the United States Michelle Obama and 21 others

MOOC Petition: FREE Online College Access for ALL thru a "USA Nationally ACCREDITED Free MOOCs University"

  1. HELP low & middle income families, underserved student populations, our military & their families, our unemployed, and many more of US To HELP OURSELVES by providing us with Access to a FREE COLLEGE Education thru the creation of an online  American Nationally Accredited MOOCs University that is agnostic of MOOC Platform/University. 
  2. If you can afford a full time campus-based University Education, Great - Do it! But if you are like many of us that cannot - then a Free Nationally Accredited MOOCs University is an Option that can and must be available TODAY.
  3. Cost of a College Education has become prohibitive for most of Americans, and insurmountable Student Loan Debt is financially paralyzing our students, their families and our economic recovery.  U.S. Student Loan Debt is now $1.2+ Trillion and growing. A Free MOOCs University is NOW possible; it is leveraging existing MOOC resources at minimal incremental cost; it is self-sustainable and most importantly - It can have a Massive positive impact on this national emergency.
  4. MOOCs are FREE Massive Open Online Courses offered by the world's leading Universities, and they are usually the SAME courses taught on campus. MOOCs are growing at an explosive rate worldwide. Total Number of MOOCs worldwide grew 327% in ONLY 1 Year, June 2013 - June 2014.  Many already offer optional MOOC "Verified" Certificates, and/or Assessment Tests that present the initial building blocks for accredited online Certificates, Associates, and Bachelors degrees.
  5. SIMPLE Initial Approach: Group "Existing/Upcoming" MOOCs into Academic Pathways by Subject Area (ie, Science, Programming, Design, IT, Humanities, Health, Vocational, etc) that can lead to MOOCs University Certificates, Associate or Bachelor Degrees. Enable students to verifiy their MOOC work thru optional Verified MOOCs or MOOC-specific Online Assessment Tests. That's it. It's a start that we can build on and improve, but this option is feasible and needs to be available Today.
  6. MOOCs are NOT for Everyone, but they are for MANY. Let INDIVIDUALS decide for themselves if a FREE online American Nationally Accredited MOOCs University is for them, their families, and their current/potential employers.
  7. America needs to take the GLOBAL LEADERSHIP ROLE role in leveraging the new existing delivery technologies and exploding growing number of Free high quality MOOCs to "Free" College Access for All. France, India, Jordan, China, Trinidad/Tobago and Other countries have launched or will be launching their own MOOC Country initiatives. 
  8. The Time for America's Free MOOCs University is Now.

Letter to
First Lady of the United States Michelle Obama
Senator Bernie Sanders
Senator Patty Murray
and 19 others
Senator Mike Enzi
Senator Elizabeth Warren
Senator Tammy Baldwin
Senator Bernie Sanders
Senator Michael Bennet
Senator Al Franken
Senator Christopher Coons
Senator Lamar Alexander
Senator Robert Casey
Representative George Miller 2
Governor Mary Fallin
Representative Paul Ryan
Senator Dianne Feinstein
Senator Barbara Boxer
Senator Chris Murphy
Senator Tom Harkin
Senator Barbara Mikulski
Senator Robert Menendez
Chairman of National Governors Association John W Hickenlooper, Governor of Colorado
MOOC Petition: FREE Online College Access for ALL thru a "USA Nationally Accredited FREE MOOCs University"

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