Fair Airfare Deal for Pilbara Residents

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Ordinary residents of the Pilbara ask for Government intervention to provide access to reasonable intrastate airfares. Ordinary residents face enormous expense when having to travel to Perth (the only destination available from the Pilbara as there are no inter regional routes) often for urgent family reasons to visit sick relatives. One recent example had a family of five including 3 young children facing a cost of $5000 one way to Perth to visit an ill parent. Recently a quote for a trip from Karratha to Kununurra was $1730, one way, which was $100 more than a one way trip to Paris. A return airfare from Perth to Broome can be obtained for $800 yet the cost for Karratha to Broome is over $2000. This is an enormous burden on Pilbara families and is dangerous from both a mental health perspective and for those that choose the alternative of urgent travelling 1600kms by car also from a road safety perspective. Some investigations have been done, some in authority have claimed this is not price gouging. How can a fare be $385 one day and $980 a few days later. Surely price must have some relativity to cost. This is an urgent matter. It affects the health and well being of Pilbara residents and it also affects the ability to attract business, new residents and resident workforce. We recommend a maximum cap be set on all one way airfares to Perth of $500.