Protect threatened bluefin tuna in UK waters

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Majestic bluefin tuna have returned to UK waters after an absence of many decades. The reappearance of this amazing IUCN Red List endangered animal should be celebrated, but already there is intense pressure to catch and kill them for sport and profit. 

David Attenborough called the Atlantic bluefin tuna the ultimate fish, but most people still perceive it is as food or a recreational toy rather than wildlife. Perhaps this kind of thinking is why bluefin numbers have declined so much that there may be only a few years left for us to stop its human-caused extinction.

I'm a volunteer at Blue Planet Society so I can help to conserve our amazing marine wildlife - and I'm determined to help save bluefin tuna. They migrate across oceans and can dive to over 4,000 feet. They hunt in packs just like lions and are among the ocean's top predators.

I'm urging George Eustice, Secretary of State for the Environment, to make the UK a safe place for bluefin tuna and a world leader in protecting these magnificent animals - as you would if this was an endangered land animal.  

Please sign petition calling for the bluefin tuna to be given protected status in the UK.

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