Save the Rock Block!

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Despite the unanimous disapproval by the Planning Commission, Council Member Ed Kindall is moving a bill through Metro Council that would allow the demolition of a trio of 100-year-old apartment buildings on Nashville's historic Rock Block, directly across the street from Exit/In on Elliston Place.

The plan is to replace this affordable housing for local residents with a 15-story chain hotel. This will further destroy the character of Nashville’s historic Rock Block, create more scarcity in an affordable housing crisis, and put local businesses, like Exit/In, at risk of the same.

On August 20, 2019 our Metro Council will have the opportunity to Vote NO on BL2019-1568, and save Nashville's Rock Block from a harmful bill crafted on behalf of hotel developers. Please sign the petition calling on every Metro Council member to Vote NO on BL2019-1568 and help us #SaveTheRockBlock !