Ban confederate flag at the Medina County Fair

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The Medina County Fair is meant to bring community together, but still allows the confederate flag which is showing a current divide in our nation. The Navy and Marines have banned this sign of oppression already, stating it is not what they have fought for. NASCAR has a large fan base that supports this flag, but even they have decided it's time to move forward without it. We believe it is time for The Medina County Fair to do the same during this time of unity.

The fair's website states, "In 2020, we will bring history to life, telling the story of where the fair and our county has been to where it is today." A strong message to the community would be to show where our county is going forward, without the display or selling of the confederate flag or merchandise pertaining to it at vendor tables. State Fairs in Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Illinois, and New York have already taken the lead banning this flag. We insist that the Medina County Fair show respect for people of all backgrounds who attend by banning this controversial symbol of our shameful past as a nation.

This flag is a symbol of hate, not a piece of heritage. It symbolizes oppression, torture, and terror of many people's predecessors. This flag was flown proudly during lynches and was a symbol used by the KKK. Many new polls have shown a decline of support for the confederate flag in recent years.

We believe the confederate flag has no place at an event celebrating our county’s rich agricultural heritage, and we urge you to ban the sale of this offensive sign of oppression. The Ohio State Fair banned it in August 2015, and it is time for the Medina County Fair to do the same.