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Petitioning Mazda North American Operations, Mazda Motors UK, & Mazda Automóviles España

Mazda North America, Mazda UK, & Mazda Spain/España: Update Head-Unit Software for the 2014 Mazda6

With the newest renditions of the Mazda6 and Mazda Cx5, the sales figures for the company have never been better, but we, as proud owners of your vehicles, feel as though you're lacking in a few areas when it comes to selling points, and ultimately loyal customers. 

One of the more prevalent of these areas would be the NB1 Infotainment/Navigation system installed in each of the new vehicles. The vehicles themselves are remarkable in many ways, but are surely subpar when it comes to the quality and satisfaction we, as owners and potential buyers, get when using your system. 

We have created this petition in the hopes that you see the large scale that are the major problems plaguing current owners and deterring future ones. We have conducted a list of those grievances below:

-Bluetooth and USB Music Shuffling Issues

-iPod Connection Load Time

-Bluetooth Connection Time

-Voice Recognition

-Android and iOS Compatibility

-SMS Download Problems and Speed

-Music starts from Track 1 on USB (Flash Drive & iPod) on Car Start

-Pandora Compatibility Issues

-Lack of Sound Equalizer

-Faster/More Reliable/User Friendly Interface

-Remove the Safety Lock so Passengers can use Navigation


These issues, among others, are prevalent across all currently produced and sold 2014 Mazda 6's (and 2014 Mazda CX-5's). These issues are all fixable through a software update, whether put on a CD for consumers to install themselves, or through a dealer update.

Many owners have contacted Customer Support by Phone and E-Mail, with no ETA in sight for a software update, so this is a last call for action on behalf of current 2014 Mazda 6/2014 CX-5 owners.

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  • Mazda North American Operations, Mazda Motors UK, & Mazda Automóviles España

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