Save Delray Beach's Natural Archway's

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Today, our mayor from Delray Beach posted to Facebook this:


Say Goodbye to our unique arched sea grape entryways at the beach. At the Aug 18 meeting, three city commissioners decided to order the city to cut down all the iconic sea grape archways to 48 inches. This decision was made close to 10:30pm during the commissioner comments portion of the marathon meeting. Ironically, the same trio commissioned a scientific study on dune management which returned a report that specifically directed the City to leave the tall sea grapes untouched. The report noted the tall sea grapes provide a maritime hammock buffer missing on the edge of a healthy beach dune system that protects small dune animals and gives refuge to birds. Most importantly, the tall sea grapes block light and sound at the busy intersection of A1A and Atlantic Ave supporting nesting and hatchling sea turtles.

Tonight, Commissioner Frankel made the suggestion to chop the trees down, with Commissioner Boylston and Commissioner Johnson jumping in to support this suggestion.

Please feel free to contact them with your thoughts and comments:"

Many of us have grown up here and still call it home. These archways have been here forever and are a unique characteristic trait of our home.  It is a huge sign, foreboding what more is to come. And if anything it is a blatant attack on our environment. There are so many things going wrong with the world right now, so this may seem miniscule in the bigger picture, but small battles when the war. While people are worried about politics and covid, our environment is being thrown away.

Not only are they destroying and trying to cookie cut our little village by the sea, but this attack on our nature in Delray, makes no sense what-so-ever. It is a foreboding sign as to what is to come in Delray and how a few people have the power to make a decision for an entire city. This should be taken to a public vote, at the least!

Perhaps we can't fight the new commercial take-over, but hopefully we can make our voice loud enough to save not only a staple of Delray, but generally, protect mother nature, one battle at a time.