STOP the killing of Sandhill Cranes before it begins in Alabama!!

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For over 100 years the beautiful and majestic Sandhill Crane were protected under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918.....

NOW, states like Alabama will reintroduce a hunting season to KILL these once protected migratory birds. Season is scheduled to start THIS SEPTEMBER!!

In Alabama alone 1,200 Sandhill Cranes will be MURDERED in just one hunting season. 400 permits will be distributed in a random draw, allowing 3 kills each. Let's tell the state of Alabama to STOP THE HUNT before it begins! PLEASE DO NOT issue any permits for hunting the Sandhill Cranes! These birds deserve to be protected!  

The Sandhill Crane is an ancient North American species that dates back to over 2.5 million years ago! And like most of our countries wildlife, they need our help now! With loss of habitat happening at alarming rates, this species and so many others are becoming more and more vulnerable. The Sandhill Crane population has made progress over the years, but we cannot forget that this is a slow process for the species. Most mating pairs will have just one chick surviving to fledgling per year! Studies show that not only is their natural habitat being destroyed, but that the countries agricultural landscape is also changing which will affect them tremendously! Reports show that corn is being replaced with soybeans which offer no nutritional value to the cranes. This problem alone can cause a serious decline in the population of cranes that return to certain areas to feed and increase lipid reserves for their migration. With environmental changes happening at uncontrollable speeds, we should not open up a hunting season for a species that is just making a comeback and will already suffer at the hands of humans! 

We should be encouraging more educational programs for the public regarding preservation of agricultural lands and also to allow for private land owners to protect and improve crane habitats instead of allow the senseless killing of these creatures! 

I personally want to see more PROTECTION & CONSERVATION efforts for the iconic species of our country like the Sandhill Cranes. 

Please spread the word and show states like Alabama that: