Bring the South Shore to Downtown South Bend

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For generations, people in our community took the South Shore from downtown South Bend to downtown Chicago.  Family vacations, business trips, and cultural experiences were all made possible by this interurban railroad.

After operating the South Shore line out of what was intended to be a temporary location at the airport since 1992, South Bend now has an unprecedented opportunity to bring the train back downtown where it can do the most good.

Yes, the upfront costs are high, however the return on investment is estimated to be nearly half a billion dollars. And the cost and construction timeline can be reduced significantly by laying track alongside the existing Norfolk Southern rail line.

Moving the train downtown where it belongs will link Chicago and South Bend economically and culturally.  It will create a short commute for people who want to live in South Bend and work in Chicago.

And visitors from Chicago will be welcomed to our downtown by such amenities as Four Winds Field, the Studebaker Technology Campus, Ignition Park, Century Center, Morris Performing Arts Center, award-winning restaurants, and hotels.

Pairing the downtown train with TRANSPO bus service and bike sharing creates a true multi-modal transportation hub and provides sustainable transportation infrastructure for generations to come.

The South Shore downtown station would be a significant investment in our resurgent community. Please join us in making your support for this investment known by signing our petition and spreading the word!

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