Help Hello Sailor keep its doors open

Help Hello Sailor keep its doors open

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Scott Mesiti started this petition to Mayor Peta Pinson

Please sign our petition to support and help Hello Sailor contest a council contribution

Since opening our doors at Hello Sailor we feel we've made a positive impact on the community. What most people don't know, is in order to open our doors Hello Sailor owners were asked by council to pay $86,000 towards the Settlement City Precinct Contribution which included water, sewer and roads. 

Now - we were never made aware of the Settlement City Contribution, neither were our advisers. So for our small business to be hit with an $86,000 invoice out of the blue was devastating. In order to get our doors open, Council were helpful and offer to grant us a temporary DA and we agreed we would pay $23,000 to get our doors open. 

Here is where we need your help! 

We understand we are part of the Settlement City Precinct and its contribution and the way it's calculated, on a square metre rate or the size of your venue.

We feel it's absolutely fair and reasonable for our business to be considered as an exception to this rule. We are a small local business.

Yes, our venue is large, hence the size of the contribution, but: 

·       Our capacity is very limited due to Marina amenities and therefor our turnover is in line with smaller businesses around us.  

·       We are open 4 days a week in afternoon and evenings so we don’t have any traffic impact for 3 days a week

·       Most of our clientele taxi, uber or car pool so they don’t have a drive home. Again leaving minimal impact on roads.

Given that we've already paid a $26,000 contribution we're seeking the additional $63,000 to be waived as this is an expense no small business in Port Macquarie would be able to absorb.

Once this Petition is signed, We will look to Lady Mayor Pinson and Councillors for assistance on the next steps. Our temporary DA runs out in several months and it’s our understanding that unless we pay $63,000 contribution we will not receive our new DA and may have to close our doors. 

We love what we have created, (The Vibe, the food, the beverages and the service).We are confident that the community does feel the same and it would be heart breaking to shut the doors on Hello Sailor if we cannot come to a solution that enable us to continue to provide a vibrant venue for our community and our tourism community.

Starting a business during the past year with all its difficulties was not the plan but like others we have pushed through to strengthen our local economy and to provide jobs to our 25 amazing staff. This year has left everyone a little lighter in the pockets but as a community that pulls together we couldn't be any richer.

Thank you for your support

0 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!
At 5,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!