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 Kristal Butts of Anderson County said her golden retriever, Ogie, disappeared from her home on Christmas Eve, somehow having escaped their large fenced yard. She said the next day, she learned that Ogie had been found by local animal control and was being held by an animal shelter, Anderson County PAWS and had made contact with workers at the facility, and she had to wait until the shelter reopened after the holidays to pick Ogie up. However, when she got to the shelter, she said she was shocked to learn that her dog wasn't there. PAWS had medically released Ogie to Grand Strand Golden Retriever Rescue. Ogie's family without hesitation made a 5 hour one way trip to bring their family pet home. Only to find he had been taken to another location by rescue group as to ellude the owners. The family then drove the 5 hr trip back home heartbroken and faced with telling their children that  Ogie had not been returned.

Kim Sanders director of PAWS said when she learned Ogie's owner had come forward and wanted the dog back, she immediately reached out to the rescue "I immediately contacted the rescue group to try to get him back and the rescue just absolutely has refused to work with us on any way of getting him home," she said. 

Ogie has been with the Grand Strand Golden Retriever Rescue for over a month now, and Butts said the rescue has refused to allow Ogie to come back home to the Upstate, director of the retreat has responded saying ''I'm not giving him back because they breed him and we don't agree with this" breeding is not against the law and this is not the sole reason this family has "Ogie" he is their pet, part of their family. Butts said she does breed dogs, but she doesn't mistreat them.

"My dogs don't live on chains, and they receive love and attention. They each have a dog house and they do have shelter and they are well fed," she said. "But he’s also our pet, my children especially my youngest little girl adores him and he’s not just used for the purpose of breeding."

After yet another 5 hr trip, overnight stay, an appearance, on the date in which they were given after filing for legal action to get "Ogie" back with magistrate's office, for magistrate's court were not allowed to state their case, situation, circumstances or laws that supported their right to have their own pet returned to them. This family was not allowed to speak or approach the judge in the matter at all, were told any information was of no concern, that it was not a hearing and they were to return yet again at a later date, because the Grand Strand Golden Retriever Retreat and Rescue has requested a jury trial in May 2020. So this family drives another 5 hrs home. And will have to do this all again and incur all this expense, emotional distress for them, their children, and their pet whom no doubt is traumatized by being kept from his human family not to mention his canine life companion other animal family members. Please demand "Ogie" be returned to his rightful owners. It is not for anyone else to decide who should have him, the rightful owners and the law and for sake of humanity the rightful owners should have their pet returned. It has not been through neglect that their dog escaped his fenced yard, picked up by animal control, and sent to Grand Strand Retreat even though the owners had made contact and were more than happy to pick up their pet as soon as allowed, and even animals are not to be considered strays or released for 5 days. Even in need of medical care are not to be free for adoption or change of ownership if contact has been made with owners, and in this case without doubt had been established. This could be you, your family, your friend, it happens that a pet get out of a home or fenced yard gets loose from leash and runs off. What if your pet was taken stolen from your family? Please help and sign this petition to demand Grand Strand Golden Retriever Retreat return "Ogie" to rightful owners the Butts family.