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Close Down Sukahaji Wildlife Market

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Scorpion Foundation investigators visited Sukahaji wildlife market in Bandung week to week and found protected birds and protected animals on sale openly in front of many bird shops. This finding has been reported by Scorpion Foundation to the Law Enforcement section at the Ministry of Environment and Forestry. But, Illegal trade of endangered species still going on.

Undercover investigators have been shocked at the large amount of wildlife on sale, much of it ‘protected’ species such as slow loris, eagle and clouded leopard, crammed into tiny, dirty cages. It’s illegal. It’s cruel. It has to be stopped.

We need asks Mayor of Bandung Ridwan Kamil and Minister of Environment and Forestry to close down Sukahaji Wildlife Market and enforce the law against violator of Law no. 5/1990 and Government Regulation number 7/1999. Under Law No. 5 year 1990, every person who kill / capture / keep protected species can be sentenced to five years in jail plus fine of IDR100 million (US$7,400).

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