Immortalize former Toronto Mayor Rob Ford with a statue #NeverFORDget

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Immortalize former Toronto Mayor Rob Ford with a statue #NeverFORDget

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The people of Toronto want to give back to a man who has given so much; Immortalize Rob Ford with a statue in the Great City of Toronto.

Former Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has touched the hearts of many in Ontario's Capital city Toronto which he represented. This man was a fighter until the end. Fighting for every single person he represented and known for keeping an eagles eye on every tax dollar spent in the city of Toronto, ending what was known as the "gravy train".

With family by his side Rob Ford lost his battle with cancer Tuesday March22nd. He never gave up hope. Working from his hospital bed on numerous occasions and taking calls wearing his hospital gowned. An inspiration to many as he fought cancer with courage and determination.

Rob Ford the tireless fighter for the people, a true advocate for those he represented personally engaged  with constituents problem solving and  serving people the best he could. Canadians will remember Rob Ford for his dedication, his courage, his love for Toronto, Torontonians and for loving his country.

One of the reasons I am most proud to be Canadian is because we are known to be caring, loving, and most of all forgiving people.

So why don't some forgive Rob Ford?

Rob really was "The People's Mayor" and the people or Toronto love him dearly. That cannot be denied. What some need to remember is that it is WE THE PEOPLE who make this city and WE THE PEOPLE want Mayor Rob Ford to be remembered with honor.

In a fitting part of the city lets erect a statue or former Toronto Mayor Rob Ford where people can pay their respects; to a father,son, a husband, a family man, a coach, a dedicated public servant and a man who cared so deeply for his city and it's residence.

Thank you and God Bless                             Never FORDget

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