Fire Sergeant Keith Wrede, the police officer who said "KILL THEM ALL" to BLM protestors

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On June 30th, Keith Wrede, a Colorado Springs sergeant commented “KILL THEM ALL” twice on a livestream of BLM protestors blocking the highway in Colorado Springs. 

Keith Wrede commented on the livestream under a pseudonym of “Steven Eric.” On the same livestream of BLM protestors, he also said “Solid move BLM way to make your point. I hope you are proud you damn Terrorist.” 

At the close of the Internal Affairs investigation on August 10th, Wrede was served his “discipline,” a 40-hour suspension ($2,044 in lost wages), removal from his specialized unit, and reassignment within the department.


We need to hold police officers accountable for their actions. We need to set a precedent within Colorado Springs law enforcement that people who hold racist and/or hateful biases are not suited to protect our community.  We need Keith Wrede fired from CSPD. A police officer who responds “KILL THEM ALL” to protestors is not someone fit to protect our community, they are a threat to our community. 


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