Less Screen Time For All Philadelphia School District Students

Less Screen Time For All Philadelphia School District Students

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Why this petition matters

Philadelphia children and teachers are suffering mentally and emotionally due to the current Philadelphia School District online scheduling that was set in place as of July 2020. https://www.philasd.org/curriculum/wp-content/uploads/sites/825/2020/08/Instructional-Minutes-for-Grades-K-12-1.pdf

On Saturday, December 12, 2020, The President of The Philadelphia Home and School Council was privileged enough to speak with some very bright and articulate 15 to 18 year old's who described the challenges that they are currently facing mentally and emotionally. Many are overwhelmed, discouraged, depressed, angry, and some are ready to drop out! Most stated that they are ready to give up, as their voices are not being heard and no one seems to care. 

To ensure that everyone understands what these students are dealing with we wanted parents and stakeholders to step into the role of these high school students just for a moment.

Imagine having to get online at 8:00 am, mandated to 90 minute classes, with 5 minute breaks in between, an half hour lunch, and told you can not be released until 3:04 pm. Your Honor Classes has been removed from your roster to make way for Test Prep, you're required to do homework after a long day of being online, add the quizzes, the tests, all while trying to live in a home that requires you to do chores, watch siblings, taking care of your own children (if applicable), cook, clean, and still must hold down a job.

Let's not mention that these students are being told that they are not trying to succeed, getting written up, battling their own stressors, and also are docked for being late because of connection issues. This is happening every single day in Philadelphia and we haven't even begun to address the issues that our elementary students are dealing with. 

A large number of us parents are watching our children quietly mentally and emotionally die in front of us. If we continue on this path we are predestined to create a society of angry adults.

Today, The Philadelphia Home and School Council is demanding that The School District of Philadelphia immediately changes the scheduling for all schools Kindergarten through 12th Grade! 

High School Students are DEMANDING:

  • that Homeroom should start at 9:00 am
  • classes should be NO MORE than 60 mins 

Last period everyday Monday through Thursday must have:  

  • No Live classes
  • Small groups
  • Interventions Available/ Access to Mental Health Workers  
  • Meetings with students to ensure the needs of Diverse Learners are being met
  • Phone call/MTSS

Half Days on Friday's with NO live classes rooms!

       (This High School schedule was created by Angelica Speech from KCAPA)

Parents of Elementary Students are Demanding:

  • 30 to 45 mins classes
  • 15 min breaks in between
  • Half Day classes on Fridays
  • Reasonable Access to Mental Health Workers/ School Psychologist for students
  • Glare Protectors for Computers

Too much screen time is hurting Philadelphia students and draining our educators. Help us send a clear message to The School District of Philadelphia that they must change! Please sign and share this petition 

These Are Our Children, Our Fruit, Our Legacy and we must Protect them.
Mental Health is power!
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734 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!