Time to repeal 4​.​3% Moscow Property Tax increase

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On March 26, the Moscow City Council extended Public Health Emergency Order No. 20-02, until May 5, 2020. 

Moscow's Emergency Order well exceeds that of the State of Idaho (April 15th) and the State of Washington (April 6th). This action by the Moscow City Council effectively freezes most business activity for 40 days. 

Given this extraordinary action by the Moscow City Council, we the citizens and taxpayers of Moscow would propose, as a measure of fiscal solidarity with its citizens, that Mayor Bill Lambert and the Moscow Council rollback a 4.3% tax increase and defer construction of a new $7.89 million dollar police station.

This 2019 tax increase has contributed to an expensive rental and housing market in Moscow, Idaho. With many individuals and young families facing a prolonged loss of income, decisive action to mitigate the damage to Main Street businesses would demonstrate leadership from our Mayor and City Council. 

Join me in calling Mayor Lambert and the City Council to act on behalf of the citizens of Moscow, Idaho.