I want to make sure MP1 grades and MP2 grades count for high school, only.

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I am a 7th Grade student at one of the most competitive middle schools in NYC.  I worked very hard in grades K-6th to achieve this goal.  I attend a school that welcomes kids from all 5 boroughs, who face many struggles and challenges in order to perform well at the school, from very long commutes to hours of homework, and in my case, I sacrificed participating in sports at my school in order to do my best in an important year.  This grading policy change will make not me but all of my classmates feel that the effort we put in our first 7 months of school was for nothing.  We will have no motivation to perform to our best during this time of COVID, which was something that was keeping us distracted from the emotional pain of missing friends.  The first and second marking periods should be used for High School admissions.  With the new change, students with a grade of 98 will have the same grade of ones with a 70 - clearly erasing all need for effort.  With state tests gone and attendance not used, something has to measure our effort.  I also think this will make most families want to choose a specialized high school which still values performance, making that option much more competitive.  I urge my friends to sign this petition to join me against the Mayor in his decision.  I want my efforts to count for something and I know they do too.