Stop the dumping of raw sewage into Acapulco Bay!

Stop the dumping of raw sewage into Acapulco Bay!

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I am going to cut right to the point, I care not only because this is a tourist attraction, it is also a place where local residents can come whenever they please. They can have a relaxing day at the beach, hangout with their families, or even have some alone time with their significant others. The thing is they cannot do that when there is raw sewage contaminating the bay. The smell, the feeling of that touching your bare skin doesn’t that sound disgusting. How would you feel if your local body of water was contained with human feces? I bet you would be very upset and disgusted!

We most definitely cannot forget about the innocent animals being killed by this. There is only one way to stop this, make it illegal! If we can get this petition filled, we can make it stop. We can get the Mayor of Acapulco, Adela Román, the Governor of Guerrero, Isreal Nogueda Otero, or even the President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador!!

This is the beginning steps to solving the economic problems of the world. We can start making changes, and making them stay. We have to keep fighting against this! There are only certain people that will actually listen, but if we influence the people that are not onboard, we can get everyone onboard!

Thank you!!