Close the Gender Wage Gap

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In Canada, 74 cents is the average annual earnings earned by full-time working women for every dollar earned by men, according to Canadian Women’s Foundation. Additionally,  a woman would have to work 14 additional years to earn the same pay a man earns by age 65. This is not a coincidence, and the gender wage gap needs to be closed as it is a contributing factor to women’s poverty. There is a high risk of falling into poverty if the Women have children but are separated, divorced, or widowed. Due to the high risk of going into poverty, this means that some women are forced to stay in abusive and unhealthy relationships. Although Justin Trudeau has made amendments for closing the wage gap, he has not put a specific plan in place. However, you can help by signing this petition to raise awareness for the gender wage gap in Canada. Hopefully, this petition can get the government to regulate the gender wage gap and give financial aid to every women's education.