Wrongfully Convicted Man Matthew Echevarria Is Innocent & Needs Your Help

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American Public:

Matthew is 38 years old and has been incarcerated since he was 17 years old for a murder he did not commit, nor has any knowledge thereof.  

The Illinois Innocence Project believes in Matthew's innocence and is actively working to free him.

We are seeking your support to gain enough signatures in order to present this petition to the Illinois Attorney General, Lisa Madigan, and Cook County State's Attorney, Kimberly M. Foxx, with the hopes Matthew can have his freedom back.

On July 30, 1999, at the age of 17 years old, Matthew reported to the Chicago Police Department, located at Grand and Central Avenues, not having the slightest idea as to why he was being sought, because he had nothing to hide from. He did what he felt any ordinary citizen would do. Ever since that horrible day, he has been incarcerated and his life has been a living hell. While at the station he was subject to interrogations, deprived of sleep for the next 65 1/2 hours, lineups,  denied a request for an attorney and denied to his one phone call.  In the end, he was identified by 3 witnesses, all friends of the deceased. Other witnesses, including friends of the deceased, did not identify Matthew.

An eyewitness to the murder interviewed by Matthew's PI Bill Dorsch, a retired Chicago Homicide Detective, signed an affidavit stating the shooter had a "green dragon tattoo" on his shoulder. Matthew does not have a green dragon tattoo. When shown a photo of Matthew the eyewitness stated: "that's not him, I never saw him before".

One of the witnesses that identified Matthew in a lineup, that was interviewed by PI Bill Dorsch, stated the Police Homicide Detectives visited his home before the lineup and showed him a photo of Matthew. The Detective said, "We have information that the person in the photo is the shooter."

At trial, he was found guilty by definition and was charged to 50 years for first-degree murder. From day one Matthew has proclaimed his innocence and continues to do so today.  Matthew has lost almost everything except his faith, hoping that someday his innocence will be proven and released.

Over the past years, social media has expanded dramatically, giving Matthew this tool to reach out to society. Matthew is a living witness of the broken justice system, misconduct, and corruption. On Matthew's Facebook, Twitter, Email, or Website we have made available important documents pertaining to Matthew's case for your review.

For those who believe in Matthew's innocence and are willing to support his release, we ask that you don't only sign this petition but share it with others. Without your support, Matthew doesn't stand a chance to reopen his case and be heard. So please, we are counting on you.

Thank you for your support.

Contact if you have info:

Cindy Roman (Private Investigator)


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