Stop blasting for oil or gas off Newcastle and the Central Coast

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Further damaging 3D seismic testing (devastating underwater airgun blasting for oil or gas), offshore drilling and a gas field is planned for off the coast of Newcastle and the Central Coast. 

The NSW coastline from Newcastle, through the Central Coast to the Northern Beaches of Sydney (PEP 11) has been opened up for this oil and gas exploration and  and extraction. 

Seismic testing involves continuous airgun blasts every 2-3 seconds for 24 hours continuously, for days or weeks at a time. It has been shown to kill plankton 1.2km away, cause malformation in oysters, cause death and injury to fish, turtles and other marine life and interfere with communication and navigation in whales and dolphins. Fishermen report hauls of dead and decaying fish following seismic testing, with 2 years before productivity returns. Seismic testing has been banned in New Zealand and the US (recently overturned by Trump to widespread opposition)

This plan has been imposed on our beautiful coast by the Federal Government  without adequate community consultation and despite opposition from the NSW Government. Newcastle City Council and Central Coast Council are also opposed to this dangerous plan. Two thirds of our gas is shipped overseas; the gas field will have foreign investors. Gas is even more damaging to the environment and causes more global warming and climate change than CO2 from coal. Our federal government should instead be investing in clean, renewable energy. 

Many of us feel a connection to our coast. We will suffer too if our coast is damaged. This flawed plan could be devastating to our marine animals, our marine ecosystem, thriving tourism and fisheries industries, have severe detrimental environmental impacts and affect all of us. 

Exploiting our beautiful coast and harming our marine animals for the sake of foreign investor financial goals is unconscionable. 

 Stop blasting for oil or gas, stop seismic testing, no offshore drilling, no gas field off Newcastle. Please help us save our coast. Before it's too late.