Local Fruits in Indonesia

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This petition is made by Christian Jofan, Devanio, Elisabeth Felicia, Ernest, and Fillianisa Angelica, student of Saint John Catholic School BSD

Background (Devanio)

Various local fruits in Indonesia are fruits that have a delicious taste. This fruit is a tropical fruit. These local fruits are not only delicious to eat, but also have many health benefits. One of the foods that make us healthy and strong is usually people eat fruit only for snacks or for diet, but now people rarely buy local fruit instead of imported fruit. because imported fruit has better quality, we can see from its care and nutrition because they grow fruit without pollution and water pollution in the well so that the fruit has a taste that is very popular with many people and the fruit is very fresh. and why don't people choose local fruit? because the fruit is not as good as the taste of nutrition and Indonesian fruit is sometimes not too fresh

The Problem (Ernest)

The problem with Indonesia’s fruit problems is that most Indonesians buy fruits that are imported and they barely buy local fruits. The reason that most Indonesians buy imported fruits instead of local fruits it is because they are much cheaper and they are easier to get. Local fruits are harder to get and they are also expensive because they can only be planted in Indonesia and in specific weathers. Fruits that are imported like apples, watermelons, pears, cucumbers, etc are easier and cheaper to get because they can be planted everywhere and can be planted during most weathers

Impact (Elisabeth Felicia)

The impact that happens because Indonesians keep buying imported fruits rather than buying local fruits are a lot. One of the major disadvantage of importing food is its larger carbon footprint. They will probably emit more greenhouse gasses on the shipping process than that emitted in the fruit's entire supply chain. The disadvantages doesn’t stop there, the fruits that are imported have decreased nutritional potential too. Fresh fruit and veg that’s imported needs to be picked earlier. This is to prevent its ripening on the journey, which has an impact on the flavour. Strawberries picked before their prime most definitely aren’t as sweet as hand picked ones and picking them too soon means that they haven’t reached their full nutritional potential. Levels of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants are then lower than they should be.The issue of food waste is huge too. The longer the journey, the more chance of bruising and spoiling. So that means more packaging to protect the fruits. Another impact are Local farmers will not be able to compete with the large international market and may stop producing food all together. This would mean that we would have to import even more food, creating a loop of people running out of business and more food being imported, but choosing locally grownfruit and veg will supports more local farmers and keeps money in our economy. 

Our suggestion (Fillianisa Angelica)

The purposes of this study were to provide information about consumers’ preferences between local and imported fruits in Indonesia and also to find out what the influencing factors were for their preference. The findings indicated that the majority of consumers prefer to buy local fruits. Usually consumers in buying import fruit because of the price factor, besides the price is cheap, the quality is also good, thus it is expected to have an integrated program from related Ministry so that the price in the consumer level will be cheap and with a good quality, but also the farmers are not harmed. In addition to increasing consumer awareness that local fruits are not inferior to imported fruit, it is necessary to educate to the consumers that buying import fruits does not mean more prestigious. A reliable elevated eating quality is a prerequisite for consumer satisfaction and for motivating loyalty to a pear cultivar and a mark of origin. Fruit quality is determined by a number of factors such as growing conditions, harvesting operation, storage and shelf life.

Closure (Christian Jofan)

We live in a rich nation with lots of resources in our country, Indonesia. However, Indonesia’s consisting of local food sources is under threat. Indonesia is losing its local fruits. Such can happen due to Indonesia’s fruit consumption and production. If it keeps on happening, it won’t be a surprise and even we can predict it that our rich fruits, local fruits that just grow in our country, can go in extinction and we can’t enjoy the taste of our delicious local fruits again. In the end, we need to do something to save and restore our country’s local fruits. Because we are the ones who are in charge of our country’s fruit to replenish our land with local fruits. Therefore, let increase our awareness of this gift our motherland has provided us. Let’s increase our appreciation for Indonesia’s local fruits more. With just a simple act, We can prevent our local fruits to extinct.