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Masum Köpek Pamuk'a Havuçla Tecavüz Edenler Hakettiği Cezayı Çekmeli

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As we all know, a street cop named Pamuk came into rape. And a carrot. The carcass that was inserted into the sexual organina was removed with an operation but unfortunately the cotton could not hold the legislation after the treatment. A month and a half later in the operation, he looked ill. What was Pamuk's suicide? She did not wear cotton skirts, she did not laugh. Hos these are not the reasons why ... There is no reason to search for a situation in a situation like that. If the prints of Pamuk came from a man, this event was even more so, Pamuk does not have any right to see you? Those who do it to him maybe make another living creature tomorrow, maybe even a human being. Maybe this will be your daughter, your sister or your girlfriend; We do not know this. I want Pamuk to take the necessary punishment. I do not want any other life to come to life. Is humanity that much? If you love lutfen and you do not like animals, put your least of your hand in your conscience and sign this campaign. I need your lute support.  SUPPORT I COULD EVER COST ALL .

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