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Reform of Maryland state sexual crime law

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This petition supports an effort that is long overdue and adresses an issue that I have wanted to thoroughly address for a very long time now. Just yesterday, it was released in the media that lawmakwers in Annapolis are considering rewriting Maryland rape law. This amendment would ensure that investigators would not have to prove that a victim of sexual crime fought back in order for their case to be followed through with. It would also ensure that Baltimore county police officers handle such cases more effectively for victims, as well as college campuses. This bill has yet to be signed into law for Maryland and is once again long overdue. Sexual abuse is a widespread epidemic and it takes even one state or person to thoroughly ensure that rape culture is not allowed to prevail as it has for a very long time now. To say the very least a victim of sexual abuse should not have to prove through extensive means that their abuse occurred, nor should they have to be forced to re-live this trauma to have their case even be brought to court. This petition is also to ensure that the state of Maryland properly and thoroughly handles rape kits that are often times used in emergency departments. According to the media, thousands of rape kits are continuing to go untested or evidence not collected from them to help ensure prosecution in sexual abuse cases. I've never understood why there is not more of an upset over this. As an appendage to this petition, I have create the social media campaign #NOTONEMORE. Below, I will itemize what I mean when I say "Not One More":


-individual (male or female, young or old) blamed for their experience of sexual abuse or sexual assault. 

-rape kit in the state of Maryland going untested or evidence collected or found being sweeped under the rug and being blocked from being used in court.

-excuse for the perpetuation of rape and rape culture overall.

-victim being told " They asked for it" or "Wanted it to happen ".

-report of a sexual crime not being properly and thoroughly followed through with.

-victim (young or old, male or female) of sexual abuse overall.


I know that this petition will help and even save many lives. Please, sign this peition to ensure that the state of Maryland finally takes these issues seriously and makes the proper amendments that they need to and that Governor Hogan finally signs the aforementioned bill into law. This can even grow into a national effort. Let's get this started.


Thank you all so very much,


Ebony Johnson











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