Integrate K-12 Climate Education into New York State’s Curriculum

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Right now, the climate crisis is the biggest existential threat to the human race. Extinction Rebellion tells us that the planet is warming faster than it has in at least the past 65 MILLION years, while other sources estimate this number could be closer to 252 million. Time and time again, scientists draw parallels to our current rate of warming and that during The Great Dying; a volcanic eruption that marked an uptake in atmospheric carbon dioxide levels and wiped out 90-96% of all species on Earth. So why the heck aren’t we doing enough about this?

Barries of stigma and politicization keep crucial information out of reach from the general public; crucial information that will lead the public to act. To chip away at misinformation around the climate crisis, New York NEEDS interdisciplinary climate education as part of the curriculum in k-12 schools. Similar to New Jersey’s newly-implemented environmental curriculum, this will heavily advance climate education by empowering both students and institutions to invest in climate action.

I, a thirteen year old, am a climate activist. I owe my passion to my teacher in 3-5 grade, who showed me the way global warming would impact food systems, water availability, and global disease. If every child had the same opportunities to learn as I did, each informed student would become an informed adult. Just as ignorance is the enemy of change, education is the motor behind progress as a state.

Us teens will not sit idly by as climate education is put on the back burner when it threatens our very existence. I beg you to sign and share this petition. My future, and that of the entire New York climate movement, depend on it. You can help sway public ideals, starting at the very root of these ideals themselves.