We want a Loki Movie

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Please Marvel and Disney make a Loki's movie of. I give you an idea of synopsis inspired by the comics

A movie of the Loki can be inspired in the comics where he gathers the seven infinity stones through a trickery done against the Grand Master in which he brings back to life an evil Celestial being and needs to stop it. For movie adaptation, Loki can steal the six stones and put replicas in place after making bet with the Grand Master, by winning by cheating and discovering the location of the seventh stone of infinity, Sigyn (a powerful witch, romantic interest of the Loki and that could be the guardian of the stone ) tries to stop him but unsuccessful due to Loki's cheating
after Loki has been able to gather the seven stones, and see what happen (return of an evil being). He asks for the help of Sigyn (who has the wisdom on spells to arrest the Celestial ) and both fight together however while the spiritual battle takes place, Thor takes charge of the physical battle. The Movie may be in the style of the first Mummy movie.