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Get Marvel to stop Hydra Captain America

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Yesterday, whilst #GiveCaptainAmericaABoyfriend was trending, there came a leak from Marvel on their new comic book series, Steve Rogers: Captain America 1. From the leaked photo, it showed Captain America (a hero who is against Hydra and is looked up to by millions all over the world) saying "Hail Hydra". To non-Marvel fans, this might seem small, but this small detail completely changes not only Cap's history but character. Every action that Captain America did was because he repelled Hydra. Hydra brainwashed his best friend, took over SHIELD and eventually caused Civil War. The reason Cap didn't sign the Sokovia Accords was because he didn't want the Avengers to become a tool of Hydra like SHIELD or Bucky was. To say that he is in favour of such an organisation erases all that, and for the 75th anniversary of the character, that is a bad choice. The original creators of the Captain America characters were in fact Jewish. Growing up around World War II with discrimination against Jews from Nazis, Captain America was there to give them hope that the Nazis would be defeated and good would succeed. To then have this story of Captain America actually be for the nazi-like organisation of Hydra gets rid of everything he stands for, and that should not be how the character is honoured after 75 years of progress. Naturally, Twitter has gone mad since yesterday when the leak was announced. People were skeptic, hoping for a small chance that it was being twisted, but in fact it wasn't. Trending worldwide, fans are demanding the storyline to be stopped, that Cap is not Hydra and never should be. People who have loved Captain America for years and grew up reading the comics have been destroyed by this one comic, and now Cap isn't someone that children can look up to in the same way. I want to get this point to Marvel that publishing that comic is wrong and they must stop this storyline before its too late, if it isn't already.

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