In connection with the barbaric killing of homeless dogs in Romania, we demand immediate intervention from the European Parliament

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To whom it may concern

We are outraged by the cruelty, brutality against dogs and cats in Romania and also against people who care for cats and dogs.

It is a disgrace for a supposedly civilized country and a disgrace to the whole of Europe !
What monstrous example given to children who become adults will do the same for them as the cruelty and brutality is normal and accepted !

We know that many people in Romania are against this barbarism encouraged and rewarded by the Romanian state and these people must have a lot of courage to show they love animals.

What we see of Romania is monstrous and unworthy of a country that claims to be civilized.

Most countries in Europe and elsewhere are shocked and want that Romania stop the killing of dogs.

Most countries boycotting Romania and rightly too !
No more human welfare for Romania we support only animal welfare and people who protect animals because of this brutality and injustice to people who care for animals and to animals.    
Below you will see pictures of the horror, the unbearable.

Dr. Annamaria Grabowski

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