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                                              January 10, 2019

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To: Watertown School Committee and Town Council

We, the undersigned parents, children, teachers, other staff members, and community members – both past and present - share health and safety concerns regarding the Watertown Public Schools. We endorse this petition to express our dissatisfaction with actions taken by Watertown officials related to those concerns.   Witnesses and supporting evidence appear to indicate federal and state laws have been broken and children, families, employees and others have been endangered.

This petition was inspired by the efforts of now retired teacher Mary Russo who has suffered physically and professionally as a result of her service to the town and her extraordinary effort to spur the state Division of Labor Standards to take punitive actions in issuing citations and fines related to failures to properly protect Watertown.  Other Watertown public employees have risked their careers to support her efforts.

PETITION SUMMARY                                                PHOTOS

Officials of the Watertown Public Schools have failed to act in accordance with state and federal laws regarding asbestos and other contamination in the schools.

We demand that the emergency nature of this matter – which involves both physical danger and a failure of official integrity - be recognized and addressed immediately. We believe this will require shutting down buildings until problems are confirmed and solutions formulated. It will require immediate action against officials who have failed our community.

  I.            AHERA compliance in general

AHERA stands for the “Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act”.  This federal law and the associated legal regulations require public school districts to act to protect our communities. State and federal laws require regular inspections and three-year plans to protect the community.   Based on statements in 2017 by former Acting Superintendent John Brackett, it appears that Watertown has been out of compliance for years.  READ MORE



II.          AHERA at Watertown High School

 As required by the US environmental Protection Agency’s AHERA regulations, Enviro-Safe Engineering of Brockton, MA and its principal inspector Patricia E. Riley (MA licensed inspector AI60295) completed a survey and reassessment of asbestos containing materials at Watertown High School.  The inspection report identified materials throughout the school.   Some teachers and parents believe that the report was incomplete and a one-day inspection (December 28, 2015) without input from the affected community was grossly inadequate.  However, there were specific findings that raise major issues.   And the failure to provide notice regarding the report and its findings raises many legal questions regarding the failures of Watertown High School to perform its legal responsibilities as a Local Education Agency (LEA) under federal law.  READ MORE


This compels parents, students, and teachers to ask:

·         Why did Watertown High School violate the law by keeping these findings of hazardous conditions a secret?  

·         Were people put at risk in order to salvage the Accreditation process? 

·         When did Watertown High School stop complying with Federal AHERA requirements?


III.        AHERA at the Watertown Middle School

Years of legally required asbestos inspection reports are nowhere to be found. Employees have been provided the most extensive assurances of safety by WPS officials in words – but the legally required evidence supporting those assurances is missing.  Given the history at WHS and WMS, how can anyone feel confident about safety?  READ MORE



IV.        Mold, air quality, bacterial exposure, and other contaminants

Watertown has extraordinarily old facilities.   In some cases, like WHS, core systems have not been comprehensively modernized in almost a century.  Watertown teachers, students, and families have been raising concerns about unhealthy conditions at our public schools for decades.  Common sense reactions to visible dust, mold, mildew, water damage, heat and circulation system failures and the like have never received adequate responses.  For years, serious symptoms such as chronic asthma attacks, nasal congestion, skin rashes, eye irritation, nose bleeds, fainting, wheezing and headaches have plagued the system.   Given, years of missing records and the problems of outside inspection firms who have violated laws or performed “limited” inspections.  It is time for a comprehensive set of inspections and reviews by outside authorities that get to the bottom of our issues. READ MORE

V.          WHS Principal Lundberg

Watertown High School Principal Shirley Lundberg is a central figure in matters raised in this petition.   In the course of investigating this matter, a relevant collateral concern arose concerning Ms. Lundberg’s original application to become Principal at Watertown High School.  We request a review regarding the representations that were made to Watertown at that time and Ms. Lundberg’s past employment history.

VI.        Other issues

In the process of investigating these issues, other concerns were raised.  The decline of Special Education services and the historic lack of diversity in our school staffing despite a student population that is now very diverse.  Integrity issues in MCAS testing.  Peculiar personnel hires that show evidence of cronyism related to outside systems with weak histories in communities with political values different than the broader Watertown community.



 Watertown has had a proud tradition of leadership that has been jeopardized.   We’ve been fortunate that the Watertown schools have experienced great vision from school principals and teachers who are empowered to act upon a vision that adhered strictly to the law and sought to protect its people.  There are extensive records going back to 1983 regarding the identification of asbestos hazards in the Watertown Public Schools.  For decades, our officials worked to adhere to the laws in an effort to protect our community. 



This all compels parents, students, teachers, other staff and community members to ask:

·         Why did Watertown High School violate the law by keeping these findings of hazardous conditions a secret?  

·         Were people put at risk in order to salvage the WHS Accreditation process? 

·         When did Watertown Public Schools stop complying with Federal AHERA requirements?


We need answers to these questions along with the following actions.


We urge to Watertown School Committee and Town Council to immediately act to:

1.   Shut down buildings in question until a comprehensive assessment of danger is completed and a plan to address problems is formulated.

2.   Ensure that employees believed to be responsible for failures to comply with laws be suspended pending full investigations.

Respectfully submitted by the undersigned:

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