Justice for Brandy Brock Murdered in a Road Rage Incident Killer Not Being Prosecuted !!

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This petition is to request The Marion County Prosecutor’s office in Indianapolis Indiana reopen, review, an re-investigate the incident that occurred on 9-11-2018 resulting in the murder of 31-year-old Brandy Marie Brock. She was a passenger in a car that was involved in a road-rage incident. The incident started at 38th and Shadeland Ave. There were two cars involved. The driver of the other car (initials JCG) was driving recklessly and swerving into the car Brandy Brock was riding in and got in front of the car and started putting on their brakes. The driver of the other car (JCG) was waving a gun around and driving dangerously. The driver of the other car (JCG) has a history of several speeding tickets and other charges in the past.

The driver of the other car (JCG) lives at the bottom of the hill on 38th Street going towards Arlington Avenue in Indianapolis Indiana along the road where the road rage incident occurred. He could have turned on his street or turned into several business parking lots along 38th going from Shadeland Avenue toward Arlington Avenue instead of proceeding almost half a mile or so to the light at 38th and Arlington Ave where he (JCG) shot into the back of the car Brandy Brock was riding in. The bullet went through the trunk, back seat, front seat and into Brandy Brock’s back. The Marion County Prosecutors office claimed it was self- defense on the part of the person who murdered Brandy Brock (JCG) due to the “Right to Stand Your Ground Law”. No charges were filed against her killer (JCG)!!!

The investigation concluded that witnesses report there was a 1-2 second delay from the time the driver of the car (AH) Brandy Brock was riding in shot to protect himself and his passengers, since the driver of the other car (JG) was waving a gun around and the driver of the car Brandy Brock was in felt threatened, again a 1-2 second delay from the time AH shot in the air until the driver of the other vehicle (JG), who killed Brandy Brock, shot back. Obviously, the other driver (JG) had his gun pulled and ready to fire. There is no possible way a person can be driving recklessly and swerving in and out of traffic, stop at a traffic light, open the door, aim, and shoot in 1-2 seconds unless they were already prepared to shoot. So where did the self- defense actually begin???

We also request and pray that legislation will be initiated and passed to protect innocent victims involved in situations where the “Right to Stand Your Ground Law” is enforced. Brandy Brock’s family and friends are infuriated by the lack of regard for Brandy Brock’s life and rights as a citizen. She has been treated as a piece of trash and just thrown away by the justice system. She was a daughter, a mother to two beautiful girls ages 12 and 6, a sister, an aunt, a granddaughter, a niece, a cousin, and a special person with many loving friends and family members.

 We will not stop until justice is served and the killer is prosecuted for murdering Brandy Brock by shooting her in the back. We will continue to work diligently with legislators to amend the “Right to Stand Your Ground Law” in the State of Indiana. We hope and pray we can work together to create “Brandy’s Law” to make a positive change in the future for other innocent victims of violence and murder.

Indianapolis is a beautiful city. We must all work together to decrease the excessive amount of murders and cases where no one is being prosecuted. It seems current laws are giving people a license to kill and get by with it. Brandy Brock is dead and in a grave. Her children will grow up without their mother. Her killer is still on the streets and living life.

How many more innocent victims will die before something changes???        

Thank you for your time and consideration in this critical matter. God bless you all.


The Family and Friends of Brandy Marie Brock- Forever an Angel