Stop Barbaric Bull Festivals in Spain

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Every year Bulls are cruelly treat, tortured and killed in Bull Rings and this barbaric treatment towards this noble animal also happens in various so called Religious Festivals across Spain and other countries. The suffering that these animals undergo is simple brutal being forced to run down cobbled streets with a baying drunken crowd tormenting these creatures and if they do make it one piece they then end up in the bull ring where the next round of torture begins a bull fight! Do people who participate in Festivals such as Pamplona realise that the bulls will be slaughtered in the Bull Ring? In addition as well as Pamplona Bulls are also subjected to being set a light with a crowd enjoying seeing a poor petrified animal enduring so much pain and suffering and burning hot tar attached to his horns and falling on to his body! The aim of this petition is to hopefully stop and put an end to some of the Festivals which are not Religious and Culture watching an animal suffer so much, please help the Bulls need your help desperately! For years the Toro de Jubilo was cancelled due to the cruelty and people's disgust of this 'Cultural' tradition and lets get 2017 cancelled! 
Mariano Rajoy Espania is a wonderful country with a lot of great history and culture but this is not culture but animal cruelty and would be brilliant if you could please put a stop to this!