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Please help us! Catalan Schools are brainwashing students in Catalonia!

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Schools in Catalonia have been “brainwashing” students for the last 30 years. Situation is undeniabe, and it is happening systematically on a daily basis.  There are lots of cases you can find out if you are really interested (just google a little bit) The scandal is so huge that is difficult to take in.

1)   Text books in Catalonia are “making up” a new History adapted to their  pro-independence cause.
You will find a faked “Catalanoaragonian Kingdom” that never existed, instead of the real “Corona de Aragón“. In addition, even if Catalonia never existed as a state, the catalan books are misguiding the students. And they fake it once and again, no shame whatsoever!!!
Catalan  text books  fake politics too, talking about Catalonia as a State inside the European Union. Can you believe it????!!!.They openly  include Catalonia in charts with other European Union states. (have a look at the picture above)
You can also find books where, to teach students  about the concept of Democracy for the first time  , the poor kids will find a double-page picture full of “Esteladas” (pro-independent flags).
In those books, difficult as it seems,  they manage to  fake  even Geography: they include inside  their   “fantasy borders”  other lands belonging to Aragon, Valencia, or Majorca.  They called it “Països Catalans” and they specially scared me to death, because it reminds me of the nazi “lebensraum”. In some books you can read, that “autodetermination is a right of the catalan country”. I I think you are starting to catch my drift by now, right? There are facts by hundreds.

2)   Kids are taught to hate Spain:  Schools organise activities such as “Esteladas  Workshops” (drawing Esteladas, the pro-indepence flag, as if they  were the constitutional ones…but of course they are not ). Some “schooltrips” are just a cover to assist to pro-independent demos (and you get extra homework and are single out  if your family does not allow it). You will  find Esteladas inside some schools, messages of hate to Spain, and it is easy to find recordings of kids singing “Independence” at some  schools.  You can also find in Youtube a stage play at a school playing to kill the Spanish King. Black on White. They  don´t hide it, you can even find schools named “Estelada” or “Paisos Catalans”… Harder to believe, but everything is true.

3)   Spanish Language is ignored/abandoned at the catalan schools, no matter they deny it., they simply  step on it.
Could  you tell how many hours does a catalan kid have in Spanish Language per week? Well, I give you the right answer: 3 miserable hours. Peanuts. The rest of the week is in Catalan Language, and of course some English or French. Sometimes   they even use some tricks  to dodge the Spanish time…isn´t that hate?

4)   Some parents with kids at catalan schools are scared.They think that,  in case they filed a demand, the school could find out and kids would pick up the pieces. Some parents are brave and are taking   a step forward, but it is easy to get cold feet, you understand.  After all, they are blackmailing you with your dearest treasure, your kids.


The goal of  this message is to shed some light on the catalan issue, and maybe now you will have a better understanding of the facts. Will you help us to solve it? Please sign this document!!!

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