Outlaw the killing and wounding of bulls in Bullfighting

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Recently, we witnessed the Balearic Islands pass strict regulation on bullfighting making it illegal to force bulls into "performing" for more than 10 minutes or to use sharp implements and horses in a bullring. This decision was not only a major step forward but also a new found hope that these regulations could also be adopted in other parts of the world where bulls are slowly tortured, psychologically tormented and finally killed in the name of entertainment, especially Nations who have been extremely reluctant into outlawing bullfighting completely.


To His Excellency Mariano Rajoy Brey:

We respectfully write to you requesting for a nationwide ban on the killing and wounding of bulls in bullfights. Throughout the years Bullfighting has proven to be a deadly and cruel spectacle not only for the thousands of bulls killed each year but also for the horses and people involved. Spain is a nation immersed with culture and history which attracts millions of tourists each year. International and National condemnation of this deadly spectacle continues to grow, with a recent poll that showed a significant percentage (79%) of Spanish citizens opposed bullfighting with the majority being 16-24 year olds. 


For anyone planning on visiting Countries that host bullfighting Please write to these embassies and explain that as long as this cruelty and killing continues, you will never visit these countries.

Embassy of Spain
2375 Pennsylvania Ave. N.W.
Washington, DC 20037

Embassy of Mexico
1911 Pennsylvania Ave.
Washington, DC 20006

Embassy of France
4101 Reservoir Rd. N.W.
Washington, DC 20007

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