Remove Maria Ruiz from the Internet

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In the wake of a recent online debate I believe it is time to take action and remove people like Maria Ruiz from the Internet. Maria Ruiz is an anti-peace, anti-religion, pro-war, attention seeking person who has again and again proven herself to promote communist ideals such as mass-killings and mass-starvation, such as that happening in North Korea (more information on her political ideals can be found here.

The worst part is she is trying to destroy a tightly-wound online community by claiming that Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, a prolific philanthropist/comedian that has raised thousands of dollars for multiple charities, including one supporting Indian children, another supporting the victims of the mosque shooting, is a Nazi/white supremacist. She used the New Zealand mosque shooters reference to him as 'evidence', but doesn't understand that she's giving the shooter what she wants - a controversy surrounding our community. In the sense, she's really the one supporting the shooter. As well as that, she claimed Felix used an African-American actress to represent Harambe the gorilla, but it was actually an automated image from a bot, that he was quick to oppose. Yes it's true that Felix has made bad mistakes in the past, but he gave sincere apologies, and has since risen above himself and become better, though she neglects to mention this.  These are but a few of the many lies she created from out-of-context circumstances.

(how's it feel having meaningless, out of context arguments against you?). 

In all honestly, she's just one of too many of a type of person that likes to stir disharmony and arguments on the internet, and ruin an otherwise happy, peaceful communities. They take random, extremely out of context situations to vilify someone and cause conflict. Whether it's because she's psychopathic, wanting to see the world burn, or attention seeking, not having enough spotlight on herself in her life, or just sad and pathetic enough to find entertainment from ruining a good mans career, people like her need to be removed from the internet. Don't get me wrong, there is a lot of hate on the internet such as racism, terror, and sexism that needs to be dealt with, but it's clear she doesn't really care about any of that, only disparaging the innocent and gaining attention for herself.