Demanding the resignation of Maria Bailey TD

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We request the immediate resignation of Maria Bailey, Fine Gael TD for Dún Laoghaire. In light of the personal injury case brought by Ms. Bailey, which has now been dropped, it is clear that Ms. Bailey does not have the sufficient capacity to adequately represent her constituents.

Alleging that she injured herself after falling from the swing, and that no instructions in how to use the swing had been provided, Ms. Bailey contended that the Dean Hotel was liable for her injuries which, supposedly led to a back injury which has caused her significant medical costs, and meant she could not run at all for three months post-accident and has had to reduce her activities significantly since. However, as the Irish Independent reported on 25/05/19, Ms. Bailey clearly lied  about the extent of her "injury" and her "ability to run", having participated in a 10km race a mere three weeks following the incident. Having dropped the case merely hours following the publication of this article, it is clear that Ms. Bailey is fully aware of her gross misrepresentations in her claim and outright lies.

In light of the details emerging from this case, it is clear that Ms.Bailey does not possess the sufficient capacities to use a swing, much less make honest submissions to the courts. As such she is clearly unfit to represent her constituents and should resign with immediate effect.