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India is currently facing the worst medical crisis in recent times with acute oxygen shortage at health facilities after the sudden surge in Covid-19 cases. 

People are in severe pain due to oxygen shortage and so many lives are being lost due to it. In the past few days, cases of loss of lives due to oxygen shortage have been reported from prestigious hospitals like Sir Ganga Ram, Delhi, prompting the Delhi High Court to even say "Won't hesitate to hang anyone found obstructing oxygen supplies."

Making it mandatory for all hospitals with above 50 beds to install oxygen generation plants will ensure that no lives are ever lost due to lack of oxygen. Moreover, smaller hospitals can also borrow oxygen from these hospitals in times of crisis and it will also cut down travel time for oxygen to reach the needy. This can be part of the compulsory permissions the hospitals need for the renewal of their licenses. 

I suggest that while sanctioning the building plans of any new health care facility, the development authorities should make it mandatory to provide space for the oxygen generating plant, and 'completion and occupancy certificate' of the building should only be granted on seeing the necessary approvals from the health department, similar to a fire NOC.