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Stop Hosting the Animal Murderers at Safari Club International!

The Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino is one of the nicer resorts on the Las Vegas Strip, even boasting a number of restaurants with fantastic vegan options. Yet today we were horrified to find out that this same resort is hosting Safari Club International's 43rd Annual Hunter's Convention.

Here are some of the topics covered at the convention last year on its second day:

  • Planning and Designing Your Trophy Room
  • How Can You Kill Those Beautiful Animals? Words and Stories We Must Speak to Preserve Hunting
  • The Future of Hunting African Elephants and Lions: Will I Be Able to Import My Elephant and Lion Trophies in 2015 and Beyond?

They also delved into these topics:

  • Hope For African Hunting
  • Trophy Preparation
  • Encouraging Women to Pull a Trigger
  • Field Dressing and Gutless Gutting
  • Hunting The World
  • Hunting Giant Bull Elk in the Southwest
  • Bone Splitting - Complete Arrow Penetration Set - Ups

Safari Club International members are people who do not view life as precious. They show their appreciation for animals by murdering them, gutting them, and hanging their empty carcasses on their walls in some twisted display of machismo.

The Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino is hosting the Safari Club International convention. One woman who, through our Circus Protest posting of this travesty, decided to cancel her plans to visit the Mandalay Bay Resort this weekend was told by a Resort employee that the group is interested in CONSERVATION. Yet nowhere on its list of blood-soaked classes is there a single mention of conservation or effective conservation tactics that perhaps don't involve the murder and dismemberment of animals and their families.

Shame on Mandalay Bay for hosting this event. We encourage you to share with all of your friends and family that they are actively supporting the murder of elephants, big cats, and other animals by hosting this conference. This repellant behavior is even more shocking given the predominant elephant theme of Mandalay Bay, which seemed to celebrate these precious animals! Apparently, they feel as the SCI do, that animals are nothing more than objects, than trophies, meant to be mere decoration in someone's home with no regard for their lives, their families, or their right to live free from harm and suffering.

Please speak now and let Mandalay Bay know how you feel about their support of indescribable animal cruelty! And refuse to patronize their resort until which time they turn their backs on the SCI!

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