Terminate the franchise of Starbucks to Maxim's Hong Kong

Terminate the franchise of Starbucks to Maxim's Hong Kong

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Le Cassie started this petition to Board of Directors and the Shareholders of Starbucks (Starbucks Corporation) and

Terminate the franchise of Starbucks to Maxim's

聯署要求Starbucks 停止美心在港專營權

Maxim’s owned the franchise of Starbucks in the Hong Kong. Maxim’s has also come to represent all that Hong Kong’s anti-government protesters detest: monopoly power in the city’s tycoon-dominated economy, and cosy ties with China.

1. [抹黑香港的抗爭者] On 10th September 2019, Annie Suk-ching Wu, daughter of Maxim’s founder, addressed the 42nd session of United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva to present what she called a “fact-based perspective” on the Hong Kong protests, and to condemn the “small group of radical protesters” who “do not represent views of all 7.5 million Hongkongers.” Wu spoke on behalf of the Hong Kong Federation of Women, a group with close ties to the Chinese Communist Party. She is also a standing committee member of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, China’s top advisory body.

2. [演説受到中國媒體讚揚] Her speech was then highly commended and recited by the Chinese media as the propaganda to suppress the anti-Extradition movement. 

3. [大班被大陸杯葛] We believe that her 'patriotic' and 'loyalty' speech has also helped her group to seize the market share of the major opponent, "Taipan". Taipan was recently banned from selling moon cakes in mainland China as one of the representative merely backed the protesters in his Facebook page.  

4. [美心蛋糕牌拒寫「光復香港」Maxim’s has also reportedly banned its bakery staff from writing protest slogans like “Restore Hong Kong, revolution of our time” on its cakes.

5. [矢言革除罷課抗爭的師生] Wu was reportedly asking Chinese Foundation Secondary School in Hong Kong (CFSS) , which was founded by her, to punish faculty and students who boycott classes. She held a meeting with representatives of a student strike on Tuesday and stressed the greatness of Chinese history.

6. [要罷課,選別的學校就讀...需要做國民教育] Wu also claimed that CFSS did not welcome strikes, "If you really want to strike, you should choose another school to study." She alleged the national education was the antidote to education. Wu continues to repress the freedom of speech and to strike of the young people and should be condemned. 

7. [《環球時報》專訪稱要放棄年輕人] Annie Wu smeared the youth by stating " The young generations (protesters) have no idea about what they are doing and what they want to do.";"Giving them (young people) up. Won't waste time with them."

Hong Kong people have already started to boycott and stop patronizing the restaurants and bakery from Maxim's, including Starbucks in Hong Kong. We understand the patrons of Starbucks in Hong Kong do not have a problem with Starbucks herself but felt disgusted the way Maxim's is linked to the communist China and misrepresents Hong Kong people's views in the UN.

Suppression by the Red Enterprises continue, please help us to resist by saying 'NO' to their business! Sign the petition and share to your friends!

We herein urge the Board of Directors and all shareholders to look into the situation: whether Maxim's truly represents the social values of Starbucks and terminate the franchise to Maxim's immediately. We enroll people in Hong Kong and the rest of the World to demand Starbucks to stop the franchise to Maxim's immediately.


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At 75,000 signatures, this petition becomes one of the top signed on Change.org!