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Whales are living creatures like us, STOP THE WHALING!!

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Since the 1820s the monstrosity that is whaling has occurred in Australia and it sill hasn’t stopped. This has been going on for 180 years, it is cruel; nothing more nothing less.  These poor peaceful animals don’t deserve this. All the whale’s want is to live in peace but we disturb them by killing young calves and family members in their pods. What if this was us? All we want is to live in peace, and generally no one comes around killing you and your family members. Nearly all people that care hate whaling so why has this still not stopped?  Why is it that we have to get people such as the Sea Sheppard to fight these barbaric people? Its not hard to stop this, it’s as easy as banning whaling boats from the outskirts of Australia’s sovereign waters or making no whaling or over catch rules in the outside waters.

 For 83 years the world has been killing 16,000 whales a year and if this keeps going they will certainly all be extinct. This all needs to stop now as there are enough people to stand against whaling yet we do nothing.


Why is nothing done we may ask?


Bystanders is all we are…

 Imagine our oceans without these beautiful creatures, if whaling persists they will all be gone and we wont have to imagine it anymore! In the recent past we have had vessels destroy whaling ships, the main crew that did this was the Sea Sheppard. The “Sheppard’s” Captain protected our seas from whalers - almost like a preacher for whales. Now he has abandoned his voyages because the Japanese whaling ships have updated their military supplies such as guns and radars. Now the Sea Sheppard would be picked up on the radar miles and miles away so the element of surprise would be no more. The problem is that they rely on ‘the element of surprise.’ Now we have no one protecting the whales and they can’t stand up for themselves.

 Many of our whale species in Australia’s waters have became vulnerable or endangered.

These whales are being killed, no longer by Australians but others - mainly the Japanese. A few years ago the Australian government took the Japanese to the international court of justice. The Japanese government said they were whaling for scientific purposes, however they soon found out they were never really doing it for scientific purpose but for meat oil and blubber.


Still nothing was really done about this problem - they are still killing many of our harmless whales and sea creatures that get picked up in the slaughter.


A law in our society is to not murder someone. In my view, this just as bad as the whalers are killing many harmless creatures. It is so cruel; most people don’t really care - you can’t say we do because otherwise something would have been done about this.

 It’s important that people know that this isn’t just the Japanese government. Many other countries such as the Iceland, Canada, Faroe Islands, Greenland, Indonesia, Norway, Philippines, Russia, South Korea and unbelievably the USA.

I believe the Australian government should put more pressure on the United Nations to expel whaling outright. Firstly, because it is barbaric and cruel, and secondly because if the animals become extinct it will effect the ecosystem of the ocean.


One major organization that supports the expelling of whaling in Australia is the Green Party. The Greens have taken part in trying to stop whaling along Australia’s waters but still nothing has been stopped, still the Japanese kill innocent whales in our sovereign waters. The problem is that the government is not willing to fully support this cause as they believe that they have bigger problems then saving a race of animals such as whales. The government would rather talk about put money into building new hotels and football grounds and importing new cars.


Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is not protecting the whales, doesn’t he care about these sea creature’s, our environment or Australian sovereign waters?


All of this needs to STOP.


It needs to stop now otherwise we will all regret our decision to not stand up for these helpless whales. Imagine future generations asking why we lacked the will to do what’s right and why they can only see whales in pictures and movies.

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