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Liberal and CSIRO management stop decimating our CSIRO

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Stop the impending sacking of 275 scientists and reinstate the $115 million CSIRO funding removed from the 2014 budget.

For decades all governments have cut CSIRO funding and staff, reducing its ability to carry out innovative public funded research that has been essential to Australia's well-being and prosperity.

Below is a small example of CSIRO's output that touches everyone's lives across the globe.

  • A4 Digital signal processor chip used in iPhones
  • Aerogard insect repellent
  • Atomic absorption spectroscopy used in pharmacology, biophysics, forensics and toxicology
  • Biological controls for weeds and feral animals
  • Improved Linola for stock feed
  • Distance measuring equipment for safer aviation navigation
  • Gene shears
  • MLS a safer all weather aircraft landing system
  • Parkes Radio Telescope which was associated with the moon landing
  • Permanent pleats for fabrics, a must for every wardrobe
  • Polymer banknotes adopted across the world
  • Flu drug
  • Sirosmelt lance creating world wide efficient smelting
  • “Softly” woollen detergents
  • Phase-contrast x-ray imagining for biological, medical and geological uses
  • Wi-Fi technology which has earned hundreds of millions of dollars in royalties

CSIRO has lost 1,300 scientists since 2013.

Malcolm, Bill, Richard, Nick - these are some of the people responsible for INNOVATION, JOBS and GROWTH!

These positions should be reinstated.

Now is the time for all political parties to agree to finance CSIRO with an untouchable set % of GDP decided by Parliament and to stop interfering in its management.

This would allow the Board and Management to employ a stable, fully functioning, innovative workforce and set the research projects.

It is time that political parties realised CSIRO belongs to the Australian people and not to political party whims. Highly esteemed by eminent scientists throughout the world, it is a precious national treasure that should be nurtured and allowed to grow.






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