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Maybe Greg Hunt and Malcolm Turnbull will listen to Olivia.......

Lucy Haslam
Tamworth, Australia

Sep 6, 2017 — Thank you, Olivia Newton John, for being so brave as to speak out for the tens of thousands of Australian patients using medicinal cannabis. Patients who are being ignored by Health Minister Greg Hunt and Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull who has thus far refrained from making any comment on the subject.
I hope that Greg Hunt treats you with more respect than he usually shows toward those battling a terminal illness. He said in June, that if allowed, the terminally ill would bring in suitcases full of “unsafe, unregulated and even deadly hashish” into the country.
Please ask the Government why they condone a system which leaves no option but civil disobedience from otherwise law-abiding citizens. Ask them if they are proud setting up a multimillion dollar industry to fail because they have cunningly blocked legal patient access…. the lynch pin on which the whole burgeoning industry relies. You might like to ask Barnaby Joyce Minister for Agriculture his thoughts on the potential failure of the industry. I have been trying to meet with him for months to see if he understands the implications of his Liberal Party colleagues’ actions but he is too busy.
It might be worth looking in on Bill Shorten Leader of the Opposition and his Shadow Health Minister Catherine King. There is every chance that they will be in power by 2019 and they appear to be more compassionate towards those patients who, like you, find relief of their suffering from the incredibly versatile cannabis plant.
This is where we are in Australia. We have a Government who couldn’t care less about the patients who are desperate for help and who are left with no option other than accessing their treatment of choice on the illicit market. We have a Government who seems proud of the ineffective and hurtful policies that see children with intractable epilepsy, cancer patients, and many others without medical supervision and fearing a knock on the door from Police.
Only last week a local woman with a painful, rare, and untreatable condition contacted me in distress. Police had come knocking on her door to tell her that a package of medicine had been intercepted in the mail. She explained tearfully that her condition saw her reliant for years on dangerous opioids that she felt were killing her. She swapped to a natural cannabis product and found a much more effective pain medicine that re-established her quality of life.
She explained to me how she wept in front of the police. They sympathetically told her not to cry, they were not going to charge her. They really didn’t want to be there… they were just informing her why her package would not arrive. She told them she was not crying because she feared arrest, she was crying because she knew that without her cannabis oil she was going to be in severe pain again.
That is what Australia’s Medicinal Cannabis Policy is doing… is ensuring that patients like you, and like this gentle mature woman suffer more than they should.
Thankyou Olivia for giving those that are sick and those that are so tired of hitting the brick wall a small glimmer of hope again. The last time we felt that hope was just before the government showed their true colours and created the nightmarish farce of regulations that medicinal cannabis policy in Australia has become.
I don’t want Dan’s legacy to end here. I am working towards a better ending for all suffering Australians and I am so grateful that you are with us.

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