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Coal or Food

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Australia could grow abundant food for export & not rely on coal mining where profits are for few with everlasting destruction of the immediate environment & atmosphere. Now days we can be solar energy efficient, and that is being promoted in India & globally!!!!

We as a country advertise that we are a smart nation yet we can not invent a greater cash flow idea from the area than coal mining which 19 banks will not support. So we are a dumb laughing stock of the world?

Would you give your tax return to support environmental/ atmospheric destruction and a leg up for Australia's richest woman & an Indian company Adani to dig coal? Mind you Adani do not have a good track record on protecting the environment. They just devastate it for profit & move on!

My tax money for satellite city building, sustained by solar energy & food production would be ok. In fact the best idea for sustained jobs in this beautiful area. 

Would you use 12 plus Olympic pools of water daily for 50 years to create 1400 jobs so 2 can profit while destroying our heritage, atmosphere & environment? Mind you the wasted water is used to wash coal????

Would you farm the area & create thousands of jobs with less water usage?

It is time to standup for our rights as tax paying citizens in Sustrslia & not to lend our money for the Carmichael mine development in the hinterland of the Great Barrier Reef. It is not up to politicians this time. 

Global support to help us stop the Adani Carmichael Queensland Coal mine on the Great Barrier Reef would be greatly appreciated. 

Share with all your social media contacts so you can visit the Reef one day. 

Help our first people protect there land from a devastating commercial, invasive coal mine. In fact government should give money to commence farming immediately for food export from international Whitsunday Airport. 


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