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makeup should be allowed in school

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                Makeup should be allowed within a reason in any setting, in particular schools, because it is form of personal expression .

                Makeup is a trend and a type of fashion! It is a way of expressing yourself, and make up is a form of art and doing it becomes a skill.Make up makes a individual feel confident with the way they look and in today's society a girl struggles with confidence due to social media and their peers.If a man/woman feels comfortable when he/she has makeup on, who are you to tell that he/she's not allowed to put it on. people who wear makeup they make themselves comfortable through wearing makeup and when they are made to take it all off, it makes them feel ugly and worthless and it seems like everyone is looking at you and thinking 'ew she had bad skin'. Wearing makeup is a way to boost confidence and feel good about yourselves inside. Makeup will not effect a students learning at all. 

               Makeup is self expression. It allows you to become an individual in how you decide to color and design your unique face. There is an entire world of beauty and as long as you stay true to what you want for yourself, then it's a world for you to enjoy. Makeup helps with confidence. First off, nobody likes pimples and breakouts, and even if you're on top of your facial cleansing routine, chances are you're gonna get acne at some point in your life. The most common time being in middle-high school and some students feel like the scars and bumps are a distraction. 

                 Makeup is an art. When a friends ask you to do their makeup, you honestly feel more artistic than you have ever felt in your life. Makeup is kinda of a creativy! No wonder why there are so many YouTube videos! Cuz it's art!. 

                 Most of the students wants  to approve using makeup in school because they want to feel comfortable and they want to express their feelings in wearing makeup.  A school should not have the right to control their personal choice.  When a school forbids makeup, students may not feel comfortable during the day which could affect their focus in class.


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